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Hypnotherapy for anxiety & panic attacks

The fear experienced during anxiety & panic
What is happening to your body when experiencing fear

What is anxiety & panic attacks & how can hypnotherapy help me?

Experiencing anxiety from time to time is normal and in some cases can be extremely beneficial. For example when you are about to sit an exam or attend a job interview it can motivate you to take action. The purpose of anxiety is always positive and it is never there to harm you, it is there to protect you.

Anxiety is a survival mechanism that stems from our subconscious, therefore it is vital to our existence & prepares us for fight or flight when we are in a dangerous situation. However anxiety can become a problem if it begins to affect how you function on a daily basis. The problem develops from an emotional or psychological trauma & your perception of that experience & you may also experience panic attacks (when the feeling of fear becomes overwhelming & you feel apprehensive & anxious). For example when your subconscious believes you are under threat whether that threat is real or not it will respond in the same manner by preparing you for action. This can be extremely frightening & difficult for individuals because it is like continuously being on edge and always looking over your shoulder & if you suffer from panic attacks as well it can be very draining.

During a panic attack your body is likely to tremble & you may hyperventilate & the more you fight against this the worse it can become. It is also common for people to feel frightened about experiencing another panic attack and this fear can bring it on again. Experiencing anxiety & panic is very real and as you can see from the picture above (fight/flight response) very real things are happening to your body & this is extremely frightening particularly if you are unaware about what is happening to you.

Therefore the first thing to do in hypnosis is to distinguish the initial sensitising event & discover how this made you feel. For example it made me feel like the world was no longer a safe place to be in. We would then either try to change your perception about your experience or release any emotion that is related to it so that this information can be processed. I would then concentrate on how you can overcome this experience and how differently you will react in the future.

Is it effective?

Having experienced anxiety & panic attacks myself I can confidently recommend hypnosis as a form of treatment. If you look at the about me tab on the top of this page you will discover that I sought help from a professional hypnotherapist & did some self-hypnosis during my time in training. The results were extremely successful, I rarely experience anxiety any more and I haven’t experienced a panic attack in at least 6 years. This has had a huge impact on my life, general well-being & happiness.

In support of my own experience with hypnosis for anxiety & panic attacks, the hypnotherapy directory (2014) also agree with its effectiveness. They state that results are similar to that of individuals who gain help for phobias, (results for treating phobias are extremely successful) because often the fears behind anxiety & panic (like phobias) are irrational even if they have stemmed from a very real experience. It is that experience/event that is spilling out into the present that is causing your problem. This can be dealt with and can most certainly be managed.