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Hypnotherapy for Depression

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy for the treatment of depression is gaining wider recognition, Hypnotherapy directory (2014) & professional hypnotherapists (like myself) may use uncovering techniques to establish the root cause of your negative feelings, emotions & behaviours. I will then help to remove these symptoms and replace them with new alternative healthier ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Is it effective?

The treatment of depression using hypnosis has being shown to be effective Heap & Dryden (2010), particularly if the treatment uses a combination of suggestion & visualisation. It can change the thoughts & feelings linked to the initial experience/situation and prepare you how to approach similar situations in the future. It can also use anchoring to increase its effectiveness. For example I may use an anchor (such as a clenched fist) to bring about positive imagery and good feelings that you will be able to use any time you feel necessary.

Why will hypnotherapy work for me?

There are many approaches to the treatment of depression, although none of them can claim to effectively treat all depressed patients. Medication can be combined with a therapeutic intervention but this would require a written letter to be sent to your GP as they would need to be aware of our sessions. The majority of people can be hypnotised (please click on the home tab located at the top of this page for further information on this) and as stated above hypnosis can help with making changes to your thoughts, feelings & behaviour so change is very possible. During the process of treatment I would also recommend working on building self-esteem and the way in which you feel & react to your internal & external world.