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Assistance for victims/survivors of domestic abuse

I have worked with victims/survivors of domestic abuse for the last six years and have personally experienced domestic abuse so I can really appreciate the effects that this can have on an individual. Although the effects differ from person to person & the experience itself is unique to the individual, there are a vast range of commonalities that I have picked up on during my work.

The majority of women/men that experience domestic abuse are generally fairly confident, outgoing, bubbly & free spirited individuals to begin with. I have come across this during my work, I can also identify with this myself & it has also being discussed in many stories in the newspaper when family members are describing how their relative used to be. However following prolonged exposure to domestic abuse I have found that many of these individuals feel like a shadow of their former self. A large part of this, I have found is due to fear & fear can have a very negative impact on an individual. For example many victims & even survivors of domestic abuse fear that they will be killed by their spouse even if they are no longer in the relationship. The harsh reality is that many of them are killed (the statics show that 1 in every 3/4 of killed by their partner/former partner.

I have come across so many victims/survivors that are struggling to function because of the impact that domestic abuse has had on them. For example they feel nervous, vulnerable, anxious & scared. Their self confidence & self esteem has being knocked, their belief system may have also being affected & they just don't no who to turn to & who they can trust. Some fear for the life of their children as well as their own (if they have children)

Being subjected to domestic abuse and all the emotions that are attached to it is not a good place to be in & because of all the psychological and emotional feelings attached to it, it sometimes becomes difficult for women/men to get out of these relationships. One explanation to this is because the abuser isn't just an abuser to the individual, at one point this person may have being very loving & even kind and the victim may have children with the abuser which further complicates matters especially if the victim has strong beliefs about family. I cant really describe in words what a victim of domestic abuse goes through but I can understand the effects of fear, self doubt, isolation, lack of trust, anxiety & panic attacks that are often associated with it.  

Group sessions for victims/survivors of domestic abuse               

I use to work as a volunteer mentor for the Jan Foundation, working on a one to one basis with victims/survivors of domestic abuse and I found this work very rewarding. I am passionate about helping these women/men move forward. Therefore I will be running free group sessions on self esteem building for victims/survivors of domestic abuse. However I will be requesting a small donation of £2:50 - £5:00 per person, per session to cover room costs

The group sessions will run on a monthly basis for four weekly one hour sessions & then a new group will be registered. Places will be limited and there may be a waiting list so if this is of interest to you please get in touch as soon as possible. You can contact me via the contact form located on the right side of this page, or you can call me on 07503286951, or email me at [email protected]