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Hypnotherapy for exam nerves

How does it work?

Hypnosis is a commonly used method to treat exam nerves. (Hypnotherapy directory, 2014) When the hypnotherapist feels that the client has reached the required altered state of consciousness, change can begin to take place. Using powerful suggestions and visualisation the therapist can install a more calm & organised approach to studying. This will generally lead to increased concentration & you will approach the exam in a calm state of mind enabling you to access the knowledge you require with more ease.

Is it effective?

Hypnosis for the treatment of exam nerves is considered to be a quick solution lead therapy with fairly instant results. (Chrysalis, 2010) The person is likely to only need between 1-3 sessions. Hypnosis may be able to help you control the anxieties and fears related to your exam & hence will increase your confidence, motivation, memory & concentration and teach you how to relax.

Will hypnotherapy work for me?

The majority of people can be hypnotised and hypnosis is completely safe. It is not about mind control or getting you to do things against your will, you are completely free to leave a state of hypnosis at any time and the purpose of its use is entirely positive (for further information about those who cannot be hypnotised & how hypnotherapy works then please visit the home page tab located at the top of this page).