Tracy Keegan

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Hypnotherapy for self esteem & self confidence

Feeling good about who you are- your value & worth
Feeling confident & motivated - you can achieve

What is the difference between low self-esteem & a lack of self-confidence?

If you are suffering from low self-esteem this will affect every aspect of your life. However if you are suffering from a lack of confidence this is likely to only affect a small area of your life & you are more likely to pin point the problem. However this would be assessed during our session.

How does it work?

To treat low self-esteem using hypnosis, I would firstly begin by tailoring a very individual programme of treatment. I would work with you to identify any past feelings of self-esteem that you have had & I would then build upon this. However if you can’t identify or remember ever having a normal to high level of self-esteem I will begin from scratch. I would discuss with you any personal achievements that you have made, this could be anything, small or big and we would discuss the ways in which you wish to see yourself. I would then design a tailor made screed that would be used during hypnosis. The details of this screed & further screeds will then begin to form as a habit which will eventually become permanent.

Treatment for a lack of self-confidence would be fairly straight forward & is likely only to require three to four sessions. We would focus on the affected area & make changes at a subconscious level, which will then change how you think, feel & behave in the certain area that you are struggling with.

Is it effective?

Hypnotherapy for the treatment of low self-esteem & lack of self-confidence is considered to be very effective Hypnotherapy Directory (2013) & The American Psychology Association have declared that clinicians agree that it is a powerful therapeutic technique for a variety of conditions & that it is now seen as a respected form of therapy within the scientific community. (Hypnotherapy Directory, 2013).