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Customer Testimonials

Client 1 

Following my forth session for weight reduction, I lost half a stone. I was a bit sceptical about hypnosis for weight reduction to begin with but I did begin to recognise when I wanted to eat & I wasn't really hungry. This was a big turning point for me as I was able to do alternative things, known as the ‘new options’ that I had choose during the hypnosis sessions, and once I lost weight I knew that hypnosis for weight reduction worked. I was happy with the service & results I received.


Client 2 

I came to hypnosis for assistance with gaining self confidence in order to apply for a new job. I had done some studying & didn't receive the results I had hoped for and this had really knocked my confidence. Through hypnosis I discovered that I hadn't applied for a new job because I feared being rejected & having my incompetence confirmed or what I felt was my incompetence. However following my second session with Tracy I applied for a new job which was a big step in terms of progress for me. I still felt that I required further sessions as the job I applied for didn't really match my qualifications/skills. But by session five, our last session I felt ready and able to go it alone with the tools that had already being provided (hypnosis recordings). I left our session that day feeling at ease and I felt ready and able to go after the jobs in which I felt that I deserved.

Client 3
When I began hypnotherapy for anxiety I didn't think anything was going to change for me, but I am so much better than I was and more calm. Overall I found the experience of hypnotherapy really good and I felt at ease straight away with Tracy. I do feel that hypnotherapy worked for me and I would definitely use hypnotherapy as a treatment option again if I felt it was necessary.   

Feedback from a lady who contacted me regarding domestic abuse from North Wales.

I would of definitely used your services had they being more local. Your prices were very reasonable to me. I found you extremely understanding and you related well to my situation. You gave me time and I would of loved for you to help me and I really think you could of. Although I couldn't personally come and visit you because of the distance between us, you provided me with some information that I was satisfied with and I found that information to be useful.