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Hypnotherapy for weight reduction

creating & reprogramming old negative eating patterns & creating new healthier eating habits.

How does it work?

The idea behind weight loss through hypnosis is that clients will be able to explore their own negative eating patterns and change these into positive eating patterns. Hypnosis allows the therapist to make these changes at a subconscious level helping the client to alter their attitudes, decisions and actions towards food permanently.

Is it effective?

The level of effectiveness has been found to be quite controversial for weight reduction through hypnosis. Some argue that weight reduction through hypnosis gives people the power and control needed to make these lifestyle changes. However those who disagree with its use do not argue against its effectiveness, they seem to focus on the fact that a small amount of sessions does not appear sufficient enough for weight reduction to be maintained & also fear that the cost of sessions may implicate individual success.

Why has nothing else worked?

Many people try hypnotherapy to lose weight as a last resort as they have often successfully lost weight through dieting but then regained the weight. The reason other diets or willpower has failed in the past is because you are likely to have barriers in which are holding you back that keep you from successfully maintaining your weight loss. This barriers can be addressed and managed during hypnosis.